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I have patio roses in a barrel and are in the house most of the time should they be outside now as there leaves and flowers are falling off. Thank you Notty



Yes they should before it gets any colder, as then they can acclimatise before the frosts.

19 Nov, 2009


Patio roses are meant to be outside all year round - the trouble is, if you've had them indoors, they'd need hardening off before going outside, and that's a bit difficult now, as its about to get much colder. Hardening off involves standing them outside for a period of time during daylight hours when the weather's not freezing, and increasing the length of time you leave them out over a couple of weeks until eventually, you leave them out overnight as well and that's it, they should be acclimatized.

19 Nov, 2009


Thank you so much for your advice. I have left my roses outside for a week or so now during the day and now I will to leave them out longer until hopefully they are climatised and will survive. Notty

21 Nov, 2009


Keep them somewhere a bit sheltered outside - here in London, I find they keel over in the winter, though other members on the site manage to keep them year on year.

21 Nov, 2009

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