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By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

hi all has anyone ever tried growing onions from seed ,i recently got a catalogue from robinsons they have these seed that grow mammoth onions i would love to try them i just usually grow from sets thank you my friends



My uncle always grew his onions from seed and did very well in the local veg shows. so go for it. They were not the best for cooking mind you but my mum always did cook them in dumplings. he always grew eating onions and show onions. hope this helps ricky.

21 Nov, 2009


I remember getting poor results from seed many years ago and have since grown from sets. However, I intend to try the seed again this year but in addition to sets.
I would welcome more advice on this.

21 Nov, 2009


Robinsons Mammoth is a good large growing variety as is Kelsae too, you get larger onions from seed but many use sets to bypass the seed sowing and transplanting stages, I sow Kelsae in a greenhouse late December to try and grow large specimens but just follow the spring sowing instructions on the packet

21 Nov, 2009


Yes - and very tasty they were. They weren't Mammoth onions - can't remember the variety - just standard brown-skinned onions. Had no problems with them during growing - go for it!

22 Nov, 2009

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