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any tips on repotting my orchid



Hi Stanella and welcome to GoY, do you have a reason for wanting to repot your orchid? I assume it is the phalaenopsis of your avatar which looks to be a happy healthy plant. Spritzhenry has done a whole blog on orchids but I wouldn't touch your if it is in flower right now.

21 Nov, 2009


It's not in flower for the moment. It has had a fab year,flowered from feb 14th to end of June ,then again from Aug to end of Oct. The plant has lost leaves at the bottom thus making it a bit wobbly. there are lots of root shoots coming from the side but they have nothing to anchor to.This is why I thought it could do with repotting

21 Nov, 2009


Do a search using the GoY engine on 'Awkward Orchids' Spritz's blog on how to deal with. I don't repot mine from one year to the next. As the are naturally epiphytic they do have aerial roots. It certainly sounds as if your phal. has done well for you this year, a little orchid food next spring wouldn't come amiss.

What other plants are you interested in?

21 Nov, 2009

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