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My new lovely circular law (4 m) is almost totally ruined through hundreds of worm casts. Its breaking my heart. Im trying to get them off but i know they should dry first really then be brushed. There is no hope of that happening with all this bloody rain. Can anyone suggest anything? No cuttings or any leaves are on the lawn im keeping it as free of extra food for them as poss!!



The only thing you can do is wait for the lawn to dry and then brush the worm casts off - sorry.

26 Dec, 2012


Hose them down, to blend them into the rest of the lawn.

26 Dec, 2012


If it is raining as much as it is supposed to be I am actually surprised that they are visible. Tugb. a lot of the UK has had major storms with floods and standing water in many places, if you ground is extremely wet I wouldn't recommend adding more water Gerberavicki. Lawns often do look messy at this time of year - send Bamboo a PM and ask her advice.

26 Dec, 2012


In very wet weather worms can help drain a lawn, also if it is a small lawn, spike it with a fork and as soon as it becomes dry brush in the worm casts.

26 Dec, 2012


I know, and I really didn't want to deepen the marsh, but if the rain isn't knocking them down, a good strong spray from the hose (low volume, high velocity) is the easiest way to knock the mounds down while they are wet. : ]

26 Dec, 2012

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