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By Lilypad

gwent, United Kingdom Gb

Thank you for the quick reply to my bulb query. Now an update on my pea.nut invasion. They are everywhere in my garden. My husband unblocked the main drain caused by peanut shells blocking it. Bulbs thrown out of tubs and peanuts sprouting everywhere. I can see the funny side of it too. I have paperwhite daffodils blooming outside in the only tub the squirrels didn't find



Peanuts!? I've never had a Peanut grow! I assume they are whats refered to as 'Monkey' or 'Elephant Nuts', still fresh in their shells rather than roasted or cooked in oil and salted?!

21 Nov, 2009


Sorry, Lilypad - but I think your bulb question remains a mystery!
(See my response on it....)

What a pain squirrels can be!

21 Nov, 2009


Thanks you guys. Yes monkey nut shells all over the patio, lawn and now the drain. The nuts grow just like broad bean shoots. We love watching the squirrels chasing each other around the lawn and up one tree and down another. The stupid bulldogs are too lazy to give them the time of day. they pinched all my broad beans and buried them somewhere. Maybe I shall get an early crop next spring

21 Nov, 2009

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