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By Ktm18

Georgia, USA, United States Us

Can someone help me identify this plant? It grows very, very large ~ 15 feet high and needs to be staked. I was told it's called Red Blazing Star ...but according to the information I see online Blazing star is a purple spiky type of flower! The picture is from my mom's garden....also what is the best way to propagate this?

Mom_s_red_flower Mom_s_red_flower_2



It looks like a hibiscus

21 Nov, 2009


Thanks..I think I may have just found it! :) 'Red Blazing Star' HIBISCUS!!! (H. coccineus)

21 Nov, 2009


glad you found it ktm.
it is a nice looking plant too.

21 Nov, 2009


So i've cut a small branch from this and stuck it in water...hope it roots. If not I will have to wait till next spring and get a baby shoot straight out from the ground!

22 Nov, 2009

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