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I would like some information about Encore azaleas. I live in San Diego. First, do they bloom as much as they claim? Can you control the height with pruning without decreasing the bloom. Why are they sold only in Northern California, it makes me wonder if they don't do well in So California. If I buy some, I will have to buy them in 1 or 3 gallon sizes and have them shipped to me. This seems weird to me.



Don't know if this will help on what you are looking for here is a link for you.

22 Nov, 2009


Hi Ron, freely admit I had not heard of this particular group of hybrid Azaleas. Given how hot it is where you are I would suggest that you get in touch with one of the suppliers and ask questions, lots of questions! Only buy if you are sure they will do reasonably well with you! The implication that they flower from spring to autumn, fall, is I think a little misleading... some flower in spring, some in summer and the rest in autumn. As they are hybrids they are designed to have lots of colour and flowers. Do you have a cool semi-shade area to grow them in? Oh and suitable soil?

22 Nov, 2009


To: Morgana: Thanks for the website, it was helpful. Dave implied that his Encore azaleas only bloomed in the fall and not for months as advertised by the company.
To: Moon grower: Thanks for your cautionary note. I have been writing down phone numbers of public gardens that have this particular type of azalea in its garden. I plan to call them and ask them what their experience is. According to Encore azalea's website, the azalea should be planted in sun to get the blooming. I think that my soil is marginal as it has a lot of clay. So that is another barrier to overcome. I am also considering purchasing a small number as an experiment before going too crazy with my purchases.

Thanks again. Ronelle

22 Nov, 2009


So far as I am aware all Azaleas need at least part shade... keep us posted!

22 Nov, 2009

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