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By Jklacey

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

My new garden is all gravel with a weed membrane any tips on how to manage it



Hi JK and welcome to GoY. There are several routes you can take:

• Tub and containers - useful if this is a small garden as you can move them around and change plants easily.

• Decide what you want to grow in a certain spot, for example an acer, scrape away the gravel cut a circle, or whatever shape you fancy, from the weed membrane making sure it is a reasonable size. Plant your tree (good time for planting most trees) and top off with bark. You could also plant bulbs or small plants in the area around the tree that you cleared.

• Section by section remove the gravel (save!) and the weed membrane and create the garden you want.

It all depends on how big your garden is and how much time you want to spend playing in it :-)

Good luck and keep coming back with more questions!

22 Nov, 2009


moon grower is right realy.the thing is bye the sounds of it you have a blank weedless canvas so the world within the bounderies of your garden is your oyster.i think different people have much different wants and needs from there garden thinking from the big picture.that is a huge question realy.i think from my small experiance as it is membraned excuse my spelling and graveled you have time to look and think without any worries.maybe get a scrap book of everything you covet or a file of what you like .maybe look in the neighbers gardens to see what does well in your you like fish/water feactures,veg etc etc ............ you get the picture .theres nothing to stop you collecting plants but keeping them in there pots.personaly i would think of your needs,wants and nessesaties.i knew i wouldnt spell that right lol .theres nothing like planting or making something you like when you could have something you love.i hope ive helped take care bye for now
ps i wish i had a blank canvas i love garden design .my back doesnt how ever lol.

22 Nov, 2009


Raking it over regularly keeps it weed free and add a focal point or two such as containers large and small, rockery, sundial, bird bath, seating, coloured stones or glass. - Lots you can do if you want to keep the gravel?

22 Nov, 2009


Recommend you buy a leaf blower if you have any trees near your garden - it's a nightmare trying to rake them off gravel.

22 Nov, 2009

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