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Hi all,My Christmas cactus had beautiful pink flowers and now there all gone

DUBLIN, Ireland Ie

Hi all,
My Christmas cactus had beautiful pink flowers and now there all gone, when the flower looked dead I would take it of, did I do wrong and what should I do now to get it to bloom again?

From Beautiful.



Its OK to remove the dead flowers. What you do next is to give the plant a weak feed every few weeks for a month or so. Then when summer comes keep it shaded from too much direct sun (they naturally grow on tree trunks like orchids) They are happy outside in summer but slugs love them so beware and keep them well away from sluggy access if you do put them out. From about midsummer you can stop watering altogether and start again shortly before you want them to flower again. This is a good ploy if you want them to flower actually at Christmas, as if you keep them moist they will probably flower earlier, and they take no harm from being kept dry for a while. If bits break off they root quite easily.

27 Dec, 2012


Hi, how long has the flowering period lasted? This is about the right time for them to finish, and the new flowering buds should begin to appear again around next November. Just keep your plant cool and light with minimal watering, then give it a feed next autumn, to help the flower production.

27 Dec, 2012


Mine are still in bloom some dropping leaves but still many buds.

I now feed with baby bio .

And in Summer leave outdoors till Autumn.

I have had them growing in cool vestibule .

Good Luck.

27 Dec, 2012

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