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My friend is moving house in a few weeks. I said i would dig up her roses for her to take to her new garden. I need to prune them first obviously but do i just wrap their bare roots in a bag and replant them in a few weeks when she has her new garden? Do i need to store them anywhere in particular? Thanks.



find somewhere to heel them in, which just means digging a hole or a trench, shoving the plants in and then backfilling with soil to cover the roots. Its sort of like planting, only not so fussy! Good luck with getting the roots out - if they've been in more than 4 years, that won't be easy...

23 Nov, 2009


Thanks for your answer.

23 Nov, 2009


Make sure they are excluded from the house sale as they may not be unless specified?

23 Nov, 2009


Any and all plants in situ at the time of the sale have to b e left in the ground. So, unless your friend has an agreement to move she/he can't! Usually a chat with the buyer is enough! But it needs to be on paper somewhere with both parties signing!

23 Nov, 2009


Hi. Thanks for your answer but it is not a house sale and i did not ask for legal advice. My friend is a pensioner in a council house and she is transfering to a bungalow as she can no longer cope with the size of the house and garden. Whatever is in her garden she can take with her. I just wanted advice on the roses.

23 Nov, 2009


We meant well and were polite!

23 Nov, 2009


Honeybee as Drc says we meant well and were polite to you. Many people are not aware that if they are selling a property then anything in the garden is included in the sale unless specifically noted as not being.

24 Nov, 2009

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