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By Mikki

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

My neighbour has one of these which is now 10 foot high and hanging over my fence. How wide is the spread on these as it appears to have split into about 6.

On plant Cordyline australis



that's unfortunate, better if it had stayed as one stem or trunk with a sprout of leaves on the top. You are entitled by law to trim off anything which overhangs your boundary line, but nothing beyond it. The trimmings technically will belong to neighbour, so you should ask if they want them before disposing of them. Or if you're friendly, tell them you intend to cut back what's on your side and ask them if they want the clippings first (they won't!)

23 Nov, 2009


I would love my neighbours cordy to hang over my fence Guest :) is it damaging your fence! please join and let me know..

23 Nov, 2009


? YDD - this person is a member, name of Mikki?

23 Nov, 2009


i agree daisy

23 Nov, 2009


Oops, sorry Mikki :)

23 Nov, 2009



23 Nov, 2009


My cordyline leaves go over into next door's garden but it has never occured to me that they would object to it. I would rather remove it than see them lop leaves off it. It will completely ruin the form of the plant. As daisy said, I would love one to hang over my fence. But we are all different -- I'll have to ask my neighbours whether they like it or not!

23 Nov, 2009

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