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Does anyone know about growing the Chilean Bellflower (Lapageria rosea)? I bought a plant/vine two years ago. I planted it in my chalk soil which it didn't like so I've moved it to a pot. After being transplanted it produced multiple new stems. However, something is eating the new growth and the leaves, leaving only the brown leaf skeleton. I've never seen any bug eating the plant. Any ideas what this pest might be? I'll never get any flowers if I don't get rid of this pest!

On plant Chilean Bellflower (Lapageria rosea)



Welcome to Goy Chasecraft your blog sounded fun we all suffer from the spending too much like you - so that should make you feel at home. Cannot answer your question but someone will shortly I expect .

23 Nov, 2009


if it is just leaving the leaf skeleton it sounds like a leaf miner. If you are not adverse to it I would spray it with a systemic insecticide. remove the eaten leaves and pop them in the hosehold bin. the adult often lives in the top of the compost so perhaps removing the top 1-2" of compost and replacing it with fresh might help too.

24 Nov, 2009


Thanks Seaburngirl - could you recommend a systemic insecticide?

24 Nov, 2009


i'd cant off the top of my head. i usually browse the selction at the gc as and when i need it. pravado rings a bell but i might be wrong.

24 Nov, 2009

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