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Can a member kindly ID this Herb Plez?


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Can a member kindly ID this Plant Plez? It gets pink Flowers Many Thanx Jacx

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is it one of the cat mints/nepeta? i love the leaf shape.

25 Nov, 2009


No its not that Seab it begins with Tri/Th i did have a label but lost it :(

25 Nov, 2009


is it one of the thymes ie thymus? if it is i dont know which one .sorry no idea

25 Nov, 2009


it looks like the mint family,is there a smell with it jaque

25 Nov, 2009


Is it Teucrium?

25 Nov, 2009


Thats it Bamboo i remember now & iv googled pics of it Thanx loads & 2 u2 Seab/Joan :) X

25 Nov, 2009


Is Teucrium a type of Sage!? Only has have plants at nursery, conflicting names Sage and Teucrium but are identical!

26 Nov, 2009


No, its not Nicky - Sage is Salvia, and can be used in cooking - Teucrium was only ever a medicinal herb, not used for culinary purposes at all.

26 Nov, 2009


O well I had better inform the nursery! Although I knew Sage is Salvia, it still said 'Curly Sage' under Teucrium on label which put doubt into my mind.
Suppose thats difference between Botanical names and common name

26 Nov, 2009


Both salvia and teucrium are Labiatea though, so at a stretch, you could, maybe, suggest it was a kind of sage - but I think its a bit confusing, in case people want to use it in cooking!

26 Nov, 2009

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