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Hi I have an orchid which finished flowering a few months ago but now one leaf has turned yellow and another is beginning to turn a paler shade as well. What can I do to prevent losing all the leaves? Is it over watering or too little watering? the top root has also dried up?



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It does depend on what type of orchid, how many leaves there are altogether etc.
Is it a Phalaenopsis in a clear pot? If so, you can judge when to water according to the roots. Wait for them to turn silvery before watering with rain water, or even boiled water. Just pour the water through the pot & allow it to drain for a few minutes before putting it back. NEVER allow the plant to stand in water for anything other than a few minutes.
Don't worry about losing uncovered roots, it's the roots in the growing medium that count.
A picture would be good though to get a better answer than this.

25 Nov, 2009


Or check out Spritzhenrys blog on 'awkward orchids' type either into the search engine within GoY - if you are alowed to as a guest.

25 Nov, 2009


Agree with above - really depends on what sort of orchid youve got - a photo would be brill....

25 Nov, 2009

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