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How deep do you have to plant Eremures?

On plant Eremurus



reading my rhs plant book it says in a free draining [sandy] soil. sunny site.usually you would plant tubers etc like this about twice the depth of the bulb/tuber. You need to protect the crown with a dry mulch and watch out for slugs.
they will need staking in a windy site too.

26 Nov, 2009


When I just planted mine, the packet said 6" I put it 7" due to the extra cold here.

26 Nov, 2009


You will probably find the tubers arrive with roots attached and look like vegetable starfish. I dig the planting hole and put a pile of grit in the centre. The tuber sits on this with the roots spread out at a slightly lower level and then the hole refilled with soil

26 Nov, 2009


as far as i know, the fox tail lilly needs to be on top of the soil baking in full sun to get it to flower, mine is.

26 Nov, 2009


It wouldn't survive if I did that here Steve.....

27 Nov, 2009

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