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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I need some help please on buying a new tree. We are altering the bottom end of the garden to use for veg and are screening it off with 6ft high trellis. I shall be taking out a Robinia which will leave a not too pretty view at the bottom of the garden. I'm looking for a bright evergreen tree with narrow habit as a focal point down the middle of the garden........any ideas please?



you could start by going to the bottom of this page and clicking the letter T then click on trees on the page that comes up look through the photoes and click on any photo you wish, and it will enlarge the photo then you will see who put the picture in and pm them to learn more about the one you like.

26 Nov, 2009


How about a yew or an Irish Juniper both have a columnar habit. The Yew will give more colour if it is one of the golden yellow ones, get a male if you don't want the berries and remember it is toxic.

26 Nov, 2009


how about a variegated holly --you could trim it into the shape that you want, but Cliffo's idea is good as there are so many lovely trees you probably need to find what soil and conditions the new tree would be in my cammelia is tall and fairly slim but needs an acid soil

26 Nov, 2009


not sure if the varigated holly is the same as the normal green holly but the later sure spreads itself around a lot so be prepared to check for little hollies growing all over the garden!

26 Nov, 2009


Depends if you have a male or a female Dawnrosie... we have one of each but if you only have a male no berries. Oh and some of the variegated varieties are sterile!

26 Nov, 2009


Why don't you take a look at Bluespruce's 'garden plants' section? He has such a huge collection of conifers, that you'd be spoilt for choice!

26 Nov, 2009


Evergreen tree choice is limited isnt it, unless you go down the conifer route. Bamboo would be an alternative, if controlled or an evergreen shrub like Viburnum Tinus.

26 Nov, 2009


I like the variegated Holly idea - I've got one I planted last year - it's exceptionally pretty. I think mine is one of the sterile ones, so no berries. Also, if the thought of the spines puts you off, some varieties (inc my variegated one) have quite soft spines. I also like V. tinus, which I always think makes a good deep green to show off other plants against. There's also the laurels of course, and Aucuba (spotted laurel). Also the cotoneasters, which will give you berries that the birds will appreciate. How nice to have somewhere to plant something Janey - I haven't 'officially' had room for a new shrub for years! lol

26 Nov, 2009


Thanks so much for the wealth of ideas........i had been toying with the golden Yew, but believe it is slow growing and I would like results fast...Lol! Yes of course I should have checked out the trees here....thanks for that Cliffo....and a good browse through Bluespruces conifers is just what I need.
Not too sure about the Hollies....there is a tall one in a neighbours garden which creates a good backdrop......and I'm looking for something softer.
Thanks once again....

26 Nov, 2009

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