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Good evening GOYers. I finally managed to get in the garden over the last 2 days, as the Noah's Ark type floods let up for a bit. When I went in the Greenhouse - I was amazed to discover that my crocus bulbs which are all in pots have started shooting already. Does this mean they will not flower next year? All the other bulbs in pots (tulips, daffodils etc) seem to still be dormant. Is this normal? Thanks.

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Its been a funny year! very mild autumn although its turning colder now maybe this year you'll have crocus at christmas :-)

26 Nov, 2009


Don't worry, Muddywellie, all is well. Many of our spring crocus are already showing above ground, be it in the greenhouse or in the garden. This happens every year but is probably rather more advanced just now because of the peculiar weather we have been having. They will flower quite happily next year. If the weather forcasters predict a period of hard, freezing weather for you lasting for several days or more you might want to throw some fleece or bubble wrap over them for this period.

26 Nov, 2009


I have crocus poking through in the garden so all is normal muddwellies.

26 Nov, 2009


Thanks for the reassurance. This is my first year planting any bulbs - so I was a bit shocked and thought it was all wasted effort, as they would just die back and not show next year. It is odd weather isn't it? They're all in the greenhouse as they would have drowned if left outside!

28 Nov, 2009

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