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Tomato feed


By Nancym

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada Ca

In the question about climatis tomato feed was mentioned. I have not heard of that before...does it go by something else as well?



I think it refers to the n-p-k ratio specially developed for tomatoes...probably higher in phosphorus and potassium.
green plants usually need higher nitrogen..but fruiting plants (or heavy blooming ones like clematis) require more of the latter two...

2 Jun, 2008


Basically tomato feed is just about good enough to feed anything and every thing – I have used for years on every thing and every thing is doing fine

2 Jun, 2008


Me too Ken , Alan Titchmarsh recommended this approach years ago , unless you have something truly exotic and fussy
will suit most things as you said.Sold as liquid tomato feed all suppliers should provide it.

2 Jun, 2008

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