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By Kcc

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I have a small, square wooden flower box. I want to plant an ornamental grass in the center, Heather and Chocolate Chip (basically ground covers) in the front, and Autumn Joy and Tall Garden Phlox in the back. I know this is unusual and would not leave the standard spread space suggested for these perennials. My question is: what will happen if I do this with the hope of having the same plants regrow in the box next year? What will happen by the end of next summer in such cramped quarters? Bottom line, is this a dumb idea? I can get the specific names of the plants if required. I appreciate any comments.



I suspect that they will tangle their roots up and become pot-bound. Therefore, next year, they will not be able to get any nutrients from the compost - which you will be unable to change - so you could do it for one season and then remove the plants into the garden and fill your planter with something else. Even feeding them wouldn't be sufficient, I'm afraid.

2 Jun, 2008


Really wanted to thank you for your response. It was very helpful and timely. I read it right away when I was in the process of planting the containers.

As you can tell, I'm new to gardening and I had a feeling that the idea might not work, but I really didn't know for sure and I needed to know quickly. Your answer provided the perfect solution! I kept my idea of buying perennials for my containers, but I'm using your suggestion to keep them alive to enjoy next year - which is, of course, why I bought perennials in the first place!

I've prepared a place to put the perennials in the ground in the Fall so they'll have plenty of nutrients and room to grow!

22 Jun, 2008

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