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can anybody please help me with a simple guide to growing garlic, like when to sow, how deep, what to look out for to show when to harvest, do you just dig up?etc etc.



Hi,i grew garlic for the first time this year.All i done was put it into pots water,d and grew very well,and i harvested when the leaves started to die off.At the time i did not have a greenhouse so it was all done out doors.I planted some in october this year,also in pots but as yet no sign of life.All i do is place it just below the surface.hope this helps.

27 Nov, 2009


I,ve heard it said plant shallow, even deep. I have no problem planting 1" deep but bearing in mind they like warmer climates I prefer to plant in a raised bed or somewhere well drained. I planted mine recently. It's expensive in the shops now as people have been buying it to ward off Swine flu. worth a try UI suppose, you certainly wouldn't catch mononucleosis lol

28 Nov, 2009


The garlic I grew this year were quite small,so once they dried out,I re-planted some of them beginning of October.
They are growing with far too many leaves ( I did not seperate the corms )
I also planted a few segments,as I usually do ( Supermarket) mid October,and they are showing about four inches of leaf. I bury mine deeper than I do for onions,never sure of the correct depth,but they always seem to grow ( even if a bit small )
I was hoping the ones from last year might continue to grow into whoppers,but I reckon I am going to have some real oddities !

29 Nov, 2009

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