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Hi I've decided to build a rock corner in part of my front
garden, apart from ordering (the rocks) has anyone got
any particular advice on the do's and do'nts.



Bulbaholic did a very good blog on this subject, copy and paste the link

I can't give you any help but I'm sure others including Bulba will give you the advice you are after.

29 Dec, 2012


This is how I built one of our Rock gardens,

29 Dec, 2012


I did a raised bed with rocks
dont know how to paste the link sorry.

the best advice for the plants is check how vigourous they are and leave plenty of space between the plants.

30 Dec, 2012


And make sure it is a sunny area.

30 Dec, 2012


thats why mine ended up in a raised bed that was built originally as a flower bed. the only really sunny spot in the back garden.

30 Dec, 2012


Well having finally made the decision to remove an extremely large tree that had ended up putting most of our garden in shade we are looking forward to our alpines doing much better in the coming year!

30 Dec, 2012


Thanks for all the advice, my only problem is that it is a
shady spot thats one reason why I would like to make some sort of a feature of it, I'll keep looking in my books
and on the forum, something to study for spring.

30 Dec, 2012


You can certainly create a rockery and have pretty, small plants in it just not alpines. Look for plants that do well in shady conditions.

31 Dec, 2012

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