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Variety of cyclamen required please.

I put this pic on GoY yesterday, but would like to add the variety of cyclamen to my picture...

Please identify.
Thanks for your time in answering my question. :o)

On plant Cyclamen




These look like Cyclamen persicum forms Terra, and we know who the fellow in the foreground is anyway ;-)

28 Nov, 2009


LOL. The flowers are too large and 'showy' to be the hardy ones, so I'd agree. C. poses so well for the camera, doesn't he!

28 Nov, 2009


Thanks for your answers....
..and by asking the question I also found that my profile had somehow been set with the location Avon [?] so it has helped in two ways...

Thank you, Mr. Moonaholic... yes, we know the variety of the Conker in the foreground..
...a rare and special type of chestnut...Lol.
Thanks Spritz.... he does pose prettily. :o)

28 Nov, 2009


He looks well and happy Terratoonie

28 Nov, 2009


Thanks, Denise....
He really enjoyed his garden centre visit... did us all a lot of good...
...we must have more outings like that..
These past couple of months, we've had little chance to go anywhere other than vet clinic !

28 Nov, 2009


It must be very rewarding for you all to get back to normal.

28 Nov, 2009


Yes, not quite sure what normal is any more....
....but next spring and summer I hope there will be many days which I can enjoy gardening alongside two healthy dogs. :o)

28 Nov, 2009


I like the look of that garden centre TT - those Christmas Wreaths look very nice. Glad he is looking so well.

28 Nov, 2009


Hi Muddywelliessurrey ~

The garden centre manager and staff made us very welcome, allowing me to take photos..
My latest blog shows more pics of items at the centre if you wish to take a look. Yes, Conker is doing well since completing his chemotherapy.. Has a one-in-ten chance of staying in remission and the cancer not I'm praying he is a one-in-ten dog ! :o)

28 Nov, 2009


He looks like a one-in-a-million - so I really hope it all works and he will be ok. I will keep my fingers crossed for him. Animals are such troopers when they're ill too - unlike a lot of humans! Give him a big kiss from me as well - although I'm sure he gets plenty from you!

28 Nov, 2009


Thanks Mws...
Conker is a very special dog, and over the winter I hope to make a blog of the tricks he performs at the fun dog shows in aid of charity....
Yes, he has been so brave throughout his treatment... accepting being handed over to vets and vet nurses, despite his being naturally reserved with strangers...
He has been so clean... not once made a mess indoors...
Conker is only five years old.....

Conker says thanks for the kiss..Lol.

28 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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