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Somerset. Exmoor., United Kingdom Gb

when and how to propagate Euonymus fortunei?

On plant Euonymus fortunei



You should take semi-ripe cuttings in the summer.

Welcome to GOY! I live in Somerset, too. :-)))

28 Nov, 2009


What do you think about layering it Spritz?

28 Nov, 2009


I now think maybe this shrub is Euonymus Japonicus. I have been trying to correctly identify it for some time.
I have just taken photos and will post them when I find out what size they should be.
Found an American site which says to take cuttings of evergreen shrubs in "the fall" and overwinter them outside, open to the elements in a 5" pot.
I did this last year with my Bay tree and had successful rooting.

28 Nov, 2009


Yes, Denise, I'm pretty sure Lengie could try that with E. fortunei - Good thought. :-)

If it's an E. japonicus, though - they are much more upright in habit - so I don't think so.

28 Nov, 2009


I've just uploaded a photo (Garden pictures. New members photos) and noticing Spritzhenry's comments I now tend towards E. japonicus.
It is about 6 ft tall and is at least 30 years old growing between the north facing wall of my house and a drystone wall.

28 Nov, 2009


Heeled, semi ripe cuttings in autumn is recommended for E. japonica, rooting hormone powder, bottom heat helps, otherwise, cover pots with plastic bag (not touching leaves) or a cut up drinks bottle (clear) and place in cold frame or similar. the method mentioned on the American site is for hardwood cuttings, I'd imagine.

28 Nov, 2009


Thanks Bamboo, this is what I shall do. Don't like hormone rooting powder though as I've had many cuttings rot in the past so never use it now..

28 Nov, 2009


Yea, know what you mean, sometimes I'd bother, sometimes not!

28 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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