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When and what should I feed my M.Gran on . It is growing in a square on the patio and I have never really fed it properly. I doesnt produce many flowers.



Sorry what does the 'M' stand for magnolia? In which case an ericaceous feed might help.

29 Dec, 2012


If this is magnolia grandiflora, how old is it? They can take a few years before they start to flower - you just have to be patient

30 Dec, 2012


Too young to bloom usually means no blooms, Andrew, not few blooms. Derek, I would look to see if it was getting enough sun--probably at least 4 hours a day in the UK--and then check the potash levels, which is more important for blooming than phosphate, with Magnolias.

31 Dec, 2012


Hi Tugb. our magnolia does not get 4 hours of direct sunlight any day - yet it blooms fine. Plants in the north of Scotland do well with far less sunshine than you recommend.

31 Dec, 2012


They bloom in complete shade here, too, but all that well. Maybe the longer hours of daylight compensate some? Thank you, though, MG. I learn something new every time I talk with you!
Happy New Year, all!

1 Jan, 2013


It is fascinating to see how the same plants/shrubs grow in such differing conditions.

1 Jan, 2013

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