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Heuchera Query.

My Heucheras look very sad indeed. They are crispy and brown and all the bigger leaves have sort of shrivelled up. Do these plants usually die back over the winter and come back in Spring, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.



They can often look quite manky during the winter, Muddywellie, though that's usually after a good bit of cold weather. They usually recover well and start growing strongly again in early spring, so I'm sure they'll be fine. Be good to see a photo though, just in case!

28 Nov, 2009


PS - just seen your response under the other Heuchera question - yes, they do like a bit of shade and a spot that doesn't dry out too much. And vine weevil can be a problem, but more usually in pots - which is why I asked for a photo, but if you've had them in full sun, that probably explains why they look the way they do.

28 Nov, 2009


Its too cold and dark now to go out and take pictures - I will have to venture out again tomorrow - if it stays dry for more than 5 minutes!! How are you Bamboo? I'm still really fed up with the weather but I have rediscovered reading - hence I'm not on the computer so much. What are you up to?

28 Nov, 2009


Still on here most of the time, though not always this site! Spending a lot of time doing my chrissy shopping on the internet this year, so much easier than trawling round the shops. Otherwise, still the odd bit of gardening, as the weather's been so good, and I'm always reading, that never stops. Otherwise, I do my "spring cleaning" from now and into January, when I can force myself - been concentrating on curtain washing - riveting stuff, as you can see, lol!

28 Nov, 2009


Lol - riveting stuff indeed! That's a good idea doing it all now - I always leave the big stuff for summer and then get upset that it eats into gardening time. Doing housework is just dire - but I can't bear dirt and mess either - so I'm in a difficult situation! I've always done a lot of Chrissy shopping on the internet, because it beats being pushed about by the world and its mother in the shops! I took my mum out this week, and there's already that air of mania that arrives at Christmas!

28 Nov, 2009

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