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I have a lovely-shaped monkey puzzle tree growing too near the house. It is maybe 4m from the house, about 6m wide and 15 m high. It gets taller, wider and thicker each year. It is starting to block light, and threatening to overhang my drive and boundary hedge. It did have branches to nearly to ground level, but I removed the lower ones to about 2m but the next branches just hang lower now. Any advice on what I can do to control it? S Hull, Yorkshire

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you can cut quite a few lower branches of up to about 8 mitres so the lower branches are way above your do that you can get them long handled extendable bow saws as i know climbing them can be painfull.there lovley trees and yours is quite old to be that tall .they have quite small root balls so know worries there.i hope thats helped take care bye for now.

29 Nov, 2009


flog to the council for your local park, they will remove it ,give you lots of money, and you can go and see it anytime.

29 Nov, 2009


These trees are usually only ever temporary visitors to most gardens, because they get so large - in particular, this one certainly is far too close to your house foundations. Other than removing the lower branches, there is nothing else you can do to restrain its growth - you could try digging a trench all round about 10 feet out and cutting roots as you go, but that would need to be done on a regular basis. It might be time to have it removed.

29 Nov, 2009


say no more lol

29 Nov, 2009


I really wouldn't want to move it either, ouch!!!!
Cliffo's idea of getting your local authority to plant it in one of their parks sounds like a good idea. Monkey Puzzles are pretty expensive to buy at the type of height you're talking about. I wouldn't ask them for money for it, they will be doing you a favour if they come and take it away, but practice your sales patter and make them think it's a fantastic idea!

29 Nov, 2009

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