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I've been reading about the dwarf English walnut 'Broadview' and am wondering if anyone knows of an American source for this variety.



mind your own beeswax, just joking' I dont know were you could get them from they are hard enough to find in this country, but I think the key you need is m9 root stock that it is grafted on to,

29 Nov, 2009


You could try asking this company as they have it on their list and might be able to help you? -
Good luck

29 Nov, 2009


Hi' back agine after finding that site thanks to Drc , you have just cost me £63 , I bought one also a herefordshire russet apple, and a lot of work geting the ground reddy, as I had truble finding it as the net kept giving child cair places, I thought I would give you more infor mation, their postal address is buckingham nurseries ltd, tingewick road buckingham mk18 4 ae, e.mail and their web address is www. hedging the apples are superb ,any way have a word with them and have a look at their website and as Drc said good luck.

29 Nov, 2009


Sorry Cliffo but that m9 rootstock only applies to Apple varieties and though technically the Juglandaceae (Walnut) family is a Rosid family, they are still far from the Pomme fruit section of the Rosaceae family ie Apples, Pears etc. M9 would not graft to a Walnut for biochemical physiological reasons.

I think Broadview is just naturally dwarf. The rootstock it's on could be a Walnut (Juglans) or other member of the Juglandaceae family such as (Hickory) Carya.

29 Nov, 2009


Fractal through ignerance you gave me a scair then as I have just bought one. I will refraze that through my ect ect,got to get on now with the work I have given myself, I bought the russet as well,that will be eight fruit trees now but the nut is well away from the rest, if it needs polanating I hope a mail conker tree or a bird cherry will do lol

29 Nov, 2009



29 Nov, 2009

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