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Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I have a shrub/tree in my garden which is still flowering please help identify it. It has white magnolia like flowers with evergreen long oval shiny leaves. Always flowers late summer early autumn.



It could be Magnolia grandiflora - but without a photo, it's very hard to say.

29 Nov, 2009


Guest join us and post a photo then we can help you more... You will not receive any unwanted e-mails etc I promise!

29 Nov, 2009


I'd guess at magnolia grandiflora as well. Mine usually flowers from June into September but as the autumn has been so mild, it may well be still flowering down in Cornwall

29 Nov, 2009


M. grandiflora seems to fit the bill, but in Cornwall anything is possible!

30 Nov, 2009


Which is exactly why we need to see a photo!

30 Nov, 2009



1 Dec, 2009

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