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HIBISCUS (Tree Mallow) Shrub flowers have never opened

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I have a Hibiscus shrub it is approximately eight years old and six feet tall. The Hibiscus is healthy and has good leaf coverage.
The problem is the flowers have never opened.
The flower buds form each year in abundance on the shrub but do not open.
I would love to see the flowers open as i am told that they are very special.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you

On plant Hibiscus



Do you fertilize this plant? What color are the buds?

2 Jun, 2008


Yes i fertilize the plant and have been using pelleted chicken manure and home made compost in the spring.

In an attempt to get the buds to open I have for the first time this year used rose fertilizer.

The colour of the buds are a purple colour when i open them up and there are lots of buds all over the shrub.

3 Jun, 2008


Hibiscus is a tropical plant, grows readily in Florida. It is therefore accustomed to 12-14 hours of light per day to open blooms. The most common reason for blooms to not open is lack of water - the plant conserves water for the leaves, forfeits water for blooms. It is also accustomed to a humid environment. A common pest is Thrips - open a bud and shake it over a sheet of white paper. If tiny black specs shake out, your buds are infested with a bug which feeds on the interior (soft and moist) part of the bud. You would need to consult a local expert for treatment of Thrips in your part of the world - good luck!

3 Jun, 2008


I grow about 20 different hibiscus but only three in the garden. The garden plants have only recently burst in to leaf (I'm in Devon) the remainder are flowering frequently - your plants are most likely too cold where they are.

5 Jun, 2008


Hi you say you have 17 Hibiscus in side. I take it from this they are in 18ins plus pots in a greenhouse what soil do you keep them in ?

6 Jun, 2008

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