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By Brenski

worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone got any advice on tulips?
I planted loads of them about a month ago, problem is quite a few shoots have just broken thru the soil surface.
1. what will happen when the frost/snow comes?
will they go dormant/die or keep growing?

will they be ok for growing flowering in spring?
is there anything i can do to help things for next srping or is it a lost cause...i am new to this, thanks



Love your tri coloured avatar, by the way, Branski.
Don't worry about the tulips, they should be fine - I don't know when you planted them, but they are best planted late, October or early November, but lots of bulbs are currently putting their heads above the soil because the weather's been so mild - they'll become dormant and just sit there as the weather cools, and should restart their growth once the weather gets warmer in the spring.

30 Nov, 2009


we've got all sorts of bulbs with their noses in the air as Mr MB said at lunchtime, 'Well we can't put fleece over all the garden so they'll just have to get on with it!'

30 Nov, 2009


Hi Brenski ...
I love tulips too :) The bulbs actually start to "wake up" in cold weather, and develop a root system and start throwing up a shoot, so yours are behaving as they should. Don't worry about them, they'll be fine over the winter, and flower beautifully for you next spring.

30 Nov, 2009

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