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Guyana Gy

can tomatoes grow in sandy soil

Asked from the GoYpedia sandy soil plants page



Absolutely guest, The only thing I would suggest is to add plenty of compost/manure and feed regularly with tomato feed. Your soil is only as good as the nutrients in it and sandy soil is the worst for allowing these to leach out!

30 Nov, 2009


They'd also need lots of water!

30 Nov, 2009


tomatoes will grow in almost any sort of soil I have seen them growing on a weatherd ash dump,but if you want qualty then you must add lome . leafmold is about the best ,but well roterd manure is good ,like all living things they need water so you must add somthing that will retain moisture there will be trace elements in the sandy soil ,but a little growmore or tomato feed will give you better ruselts,

30 Nov, 2009


this typing with one finger slows you up

30 Nov, 2009


Lol Cliffo! :~))

30 Nov, 2009

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