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I have some hosta seed which I just happened to find when repotting. I wondered whether it's worth sowing it and if so when, please. (It's a hosta with big bluish leaves and has a pale mauve flower).



They are apparently easily grown from seed, but do not come true, generally, so you won't know what you'll get. Might be quite exciting - or not! No idea when to sow them though, doesn't say in my book, I'd imagine in the spring in trays under glass?

3 Dec, 2009


If they were my seed I would be sowing them now and leaving the pot outdoors unprotected. Do you have enough seed to do as both Bamboo and myself suggest?

3 Dec, 2009


I defer to your knowledge here, Bulbaholic - I've never grown them from seed and can't find any info here about how to, either.

3 Dec, 2009


I have grown H. yakushimanum from seed with very good results. I sowed in early spring in a cold greenhouse in standard seed sowing compost. They germinated within a few weeks.

Just looked in the Grenfell and Shadrack Hostas book. They say the seeds may be sown anytime, but best under glass even in winter. They also say that the seeds of big leafed hybrids are less likely to germinate at all.

3 Dec, 2009


Hi Bamboo, unless I have better information I sow any seed (of hardy perenials) as soon as I get it and keep it exposed to the weather outdoors. Hostas are good, vigorous plants and I would expect them to take to this treatment. I am not a Hosta expert.

3 Dec, 2009


Thank you all very much for these answers. I am going to sow 3 lots--2 lots now outside , one lot under glass, one lot unprotected, and the third lot in spring on my leanto windowsill and will await results!

5 Dec, 2009

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