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has anyone got any ideas on a fence to go around the edge of my decking, that is cheap to build,thanks



Any chance of a photo of the situaton, Fredthered? Difficult to suggest anything without seeing what it looks like currently and why a fence is necessary. Cos the deck is high off the ground, maybe?

1 Jan, 2013


I bought split Bamboo lengths last year. £19.99 a 20 foot length x 4 feet high. Easy to fix onto the lengths of wire between concrete fence posts our council installed. I took them all down for the winter to store in the dry. Will put them up again in May. They make a nice background for flowering plants.

2 Jan, 2013


Thanks to you both, I have been looking at making a fence, it only needs to be 900 mm high, but making it out of spindles and rails and posts will be expensive, just wondered if anyone has made their own, will put a photo on when Ive finished it, thanks again

4 Jan, 2013


If the fence is to retain a person/animal then it needs to be fairly strong to support not only the weight of someone leaning against it or even climbing on it and the elements often tear cheap fencing to shreds and it may rot very quickly which even if its just ornamental will cost you more in the long run. DIY shop may prove more expensive than builders yards? So have you had a look at a reclamation yard? Also have you thought of asking for free fencing on one of your local freecycle sites?

4 Jan, 2013


There is also pallet wood. Pallets get damaged at builders merchants all the time, and they throw them out.

4 Jan, 2013

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