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I would like to know the origin of the name of poinsetters.



christmas pointsettias' euphorbia pulcherrima' a point of intrest the comman name comes from the fact that, joel roberts poinsett, the first us ambassador to mexico, introduced christmas poinsettias to north america in 1828. hope this helps. good morning BH

5 Dec, 2009


Thanks for the info Cliffo and good morning

5 Dec, 2009


good morning Drc lovley day hear, I am going for a shower now ,I all ways have one in December weather I need one or not ,lol

5 Dec, 2009


Just stand outside you will get a shower soon enough and save water lol

5 Dec, 2009


I tryed that last year, I wonder if that is why I got a lot of valintine cards ? lol

5 Dec, 2009


you wish!

5 Dec, 2009

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