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gwent, United Kingdom Gb

Please tell me what seeds do you plant first? I heard that geraniums can be started Christmas day. Anything else I can start soon?



I'll be starting my Datura, Cleomes & chillies off in the new year.
Also some Aserina, as I haven't done these to grow in the same season before. I've only started them off the summer before & overwintered them.

5 Dec, 2009


Thanks. I shall research Aserina and cleomes and see if I can find seed. My little secret is a place in southern Spain.tiny but with a sunny terrace. If I have potatoes left after a stay I plant them in the tubs. freesias do very well there. I would like to start something off there and bring it back to plant a few months later in Wales. thanks again

5 Dec, 2009


A general "rule of thumb" is,I believe, sow the very small seed first i.e. Jan/Feb and so on..

5 Dec, 2009


Thank you that makes sense. I have bought asarina seed on ebay . Cant wait to get started. I shall sow some here and some in Spain Unfortunately my greenhouse is more frame than glass. so it will be windowsill for me, or propagator in garage.

6 Dec, 2009

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