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Can anyone tell me what this shrub is? The one with burgundy coloured leaves, in the pot beside a tiny holly.
Could it be Chinese fringe flower 'Fire Dance' (Loropetalum chinense f. rubrum 'Fire Dance' ) I have it somewhere but this tub has lost its label!!!

Pict0005 Pict0001 Pict0002



It is hard to say as it is so far away.can you edit the photo to exclude all the rest of the stuff and bring it closer. Looks like a very interesting border

6 Dec, 2009


Yes it could be Loropetalum as I have one and still have the label , looks very similar .

6 Dec, 2009


Have tried retaking photo as image still wasn't clear when I cropped and zoomed it - hope this helps???

6 Dec, 2009


What a fantastic colour. Sorry i cannot helpwith a name but someone will I'm sure

6 Dec, 2009


It looks very much like it Clematisa.
They are gorgeous plants and the spring flowers are just beautiful.
They like a slightly acidic soil and in your neck of the woods could be frost tender if exposed, they wouldn't like north winds either.
They're on the slow side (growing) but worth having for their evergreen bronze foliage and pretty pink flowers.

I bought one for my friend last year as a xmas present .... she didn't look after it and it died, i was more than a tad cross because it was v, v expensive and i wish i'd kept it for myself, hey ho.
The more i think about it, the more i might get one when i see one again ;-)

6 Dec, 2009


Thanks Louise - that probably explains why I put it in a pot then.... so's I could bring it in to the greenhouse pdq if need be! And of course the label blew out of the pot...
Been checking and I think I got it from Halcyon as their plants are usually pretty well boxed and good growth on them, also being in Wales I always think they have a similar climate. Someone will probably put me right about that!

6 Dec, 2009


Yes, definitely, Clematisa. I have this, too. I have this one and also L. chinense (see my blog on Winter coloured leaves) and they both need winter protection. Mine are in the border, and I fleece them.

6 Dec, 2009


And I've brought mine indoors having lost it the last two winters (I used the bottomless pot method explained in my 'Winter Protection' blog)

6 Dec, 2009


Many thanks - I'll bring mine in then!

7 Dec, 2009

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