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what compost do fig trees prefer



Plant in a soil based compost

6 Dec, 2009


good morning Greenfields, acording to the RHS the fig is tolerant of a wide range of soils provided they are well drained, root restriction is necessary , however to prevent the tree becoming over-large,and vigorous at the expense of fruitfulness,either by planting in a container,or in a narrow border about one and a half to two feet wide,betwen a wall and a concreat path,the size of the container influences the eventual size of the tree, hope this is what you wanted to know. Good morning Drc,

6 Dec, 2009


Treat 'em mean! If you give them a rich compost and feed them, you will get a fantastic fig tree with masses of leaves and lots of stems, but very few fruit, as Cliffo says above.
On the other hand, I have never gone into root restriction, though as ours are planted next to a barn wall (south facing) the roots are restricted I guess anyway. We normally get good crops of figs on healthy trees. Pruning is important to maximise the crop.
Ours are in heavy clay and seem to like it.

6 Dec, 2009


Agreed, they have no special requirements for soil - you can restrict root size simply by judicious pruning, so doesn't have to be in a pot. It should be cut back hard during the dormant season every year anyway.

6 Dec, 2009


I have had a fig tree for years that didn't do much. Last year I got about 12 figs and fought the birds. I juice and was composting all the pulp two years ago and put it around the fig tree after it was compost. This tree went crazy. From a dead stick it grew great leaves and Tons of fruit. And then more fruit until it is in clusters. So your thinking wow great. But no. A lot of those figs are falling to the ground hard and not edible. And every once in a while I get one that I fight the birds for. I will take off some of the compost but what happened ?

11 Jul, 2017


Not sure - maybe you should post a new question in the questions section, preferably with photos.

12 Jul, 2017

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