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What do I do with indoor Hyacinth bulbs now they have finished flowering?

I would like to keep them for next year.
I have two preplanted pots, one of which grew upright but in the other, the flowers all grew at different angles from very early on. In neither pot did the bulbs look to have been planted very straight. Any ideas why this is, presumably not caused by light as they all went different ways!




If you want to grow them to flower early on in pots, like this year, they need special treatment, being forced into growth with an early cooling/dark period, and then being brought into the warm.
I would keep them in leaf as long as possible by keeping them protected from frost, and giving them a weak liquid feed. Then put them out for the summer. You could simply plant them in the garden where they will flower, or try to bring the pots in early autumn and trying the chill/dark treatment.

6 Dec, 2009


I just planted mine in the garden Lily2 straight away, letting the foliage down down naturally, and it has grown each year and flowered.

6 Dec, 2009


That's what I do - shove them outside and plant them when I get round to it somewhere or other. I always buy new prepared ones for indoor flowering. Eventually, they all revert back to what looks like a bluebell anyway.

6 Dec, 2009


Thanks Bertie, Mad and Bamboo. I don't think I can be bothered with forcing them as they are so cheap to buy prepared. I'll do as you all suggest, give them a feed and put them outside in a sheltered place. When are they likely to flower next if I do this?

6 Dec, 2009


Spring 2011, I'd say. They've done their flowering for 2009 - 10, after all!

6 Dec, 2009



6 Dec, 2009


Mine grow like this too...I think they're just very heavy & lean like that.

28 Sep, 2010


They look like they're drunk don't they Floralhead! As you say, they just can't support their own weight.

28 Sep, 2010


LOL they do Lily =)

29 Sep, 2010

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