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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Weird Tatties.

Am still in San Diego, California ( thank goodness !). Dug up some of daughter's spuds today as the tops were dead. They were dark purple in colour and the surface of each was very hard. Seemed odd. Or is it ?
Does anyone have a clue what type they were ?



When I was young I remember my parents delighting in a new variety called 'Catriona' which had purple eyes, as they got such a big crop with that variety.

2 Jan, 2013


Maybe 'All Blue'? Though I don't remember them being that hard in the store.

2 Jan, 2013


Thanks Tug, you're right of course. I've just been advised to look on the internet and there a 4-5 varieties including All Blue.
My daughter now remembers these are Purple Majesty and have "high nutritional value and energy rich properties etc"..

Having now cut them up, they are purple all the way through except for a 2mm layer just below the skin. They look far more like beetroot than spuds.

3 Jan, 2013


I bet they taste good.

4 Jan, 2013


They taste very good Scotsgran, but once boiled they turn a really unappetising grey colour and my 11yr old grand daughter took one look at them and refused to even try them.

5 Jan, 2013


I have had the same reaction from adults until they taste them.

5 Jan, 2013

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