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where do you find chalky soil?

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this is more a geography question, but hear goes' chalk formation's mostly in the south of england, chalk dowland,ie' salisbury plain, stonehenge, isle of wight, and the twin ridgeways of the northen downs, and south downs, hope that helps. sorry just noticed were you are, bit out of my arear,but try this sonoma county california' chalk hill north east corner of russian river a wine growing reagen, a result of volcanic action of mount st' helena, an arear of some 33 squar miles.

7 Dec, 2009


Chalk is formed by the deposition of millions of tiny shelled creatures which took calcium and carbon dioxide out of the sea water to make calcium carbonate for their shells.
If chalk is compressed for even longer it becomes limestone and ultimately something like marble.
Most of our soils are alkaline because they are the result of the erosion of these rocks which used to be ocean beds. Acid soils are the result of the decay of much more recent organic matter, like peat soils which are relatively young, or else result from volcanic deposits.

7 Dec, 2009


good morning Bert, are you saying that california chak is not the result of the eruption of mount st' helena, or have I misjuged what you said, take a look at,

7 Dec, 2009


Hello theres a lot of chalk and limestone in Minnesota you can find maps on line showing the distribution. Cliffo's right this end of England has chalk my first garden in Kent (England) was on chalk.

7 Dec, 2009


the guest is from the USA, and Bert is right, but so am I dont ask me how it happend,

7 Dec, 2009


dont forget the yorkshire and lincolnshire wolds. they are chalk too.

7 Dec, 2009


The Wikipedia article refers to 'Chalk Hill' as made of 'chalky white ash'. That doesn't mean it's chalk, just chalk coloured volcanic ash.
But it sounds like it's good for gardening if they grow productive vines in it!

9 Dec, 2009

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