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By Vineman

County Armagh, United Kingdom Gb

hi all new here just wondered should i winterwash my grape vine , its in a greenhouse and is 10+ years old



I have one of a similar age but i havent given mine any treatmnet . it has stayed germ/fungal free so far [fingerscrossed]. have you had any problems vineman?

7 Dec, 2009


The best winter wash you could use after pruning in December is Bordeaux Mixture, for fungus you can dust the earth in which your vine is growing with sulphur. Also have you had any vine weevil? they are active from February onwards.

7 Dec, 2009


thanks for your reply seaburngirl so far all is going well ,cut about half the bunches off this year and had a better size of grape.
thanks doctorbob1 what is bordeaux mixture , vine weevil pops its head up from time to time , but is not a big problem. i have a mulch of old bark chippings over the entire root area , which i remove every year , and give a good dusting of fish,blood,&bone, before replacing the mulch

7 Dec, 2009


Bordeaux Mixture is Copper Sulphate and Lime, discovered in the Bordeaux area for downy mildew, related to potato blight. Use Sulphur for vine mildew on your mulch. Blood, Fish and Bone is the best fertiliser. Hydrangea leaves will catch the vine weevil beetle in the spring, laid on the mulch.

7 Dec, 2009


many thanks doctorbob1

7 Dec, 2009

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