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Sudan Sd

how can I grow Verbascum in (winter temp)may be about 15-30 but in summer it could reach 40/45..can I put shade and cool the area still maintain the plant

On plant Verbascum olympicum



verbascum will grow anywere,best suted to dry sandy or gravelly soil, so the sun is no problem ,and it needs the cold of winter to help it to flower, in other words were you are is ideal. hope this helps.

8 Dec, 2009


Most Verbascums are native to Southern Europe, which is generally hotter than Britain, so I think its worth a try. They like full sun and dryish soil. This particular variety, though, can take 2 to 3 years to flower, and when it does, it may then die - but it usually seeds itself round and about, or you can collect seed and grow it yourself. None of the varieties are particularly long lived anyway.

8 Dec, 2009

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