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West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently made a rasied bed veg patch, and have decided what to grow. I want to grow garlic and want to know two things;
Can I just plant cloves from a supermarket bulb?
Its really wet and I have been told that it is best to plant before Christmas but I don't know if I should in the current wetness?
Thank You

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you can use culinary garlic but i found i tended to get small cloves. as for the wetness mix in a little grit to help drainage, or sit the clove on a layer of grit/sand.
you may get better advice form hardened veggie growers. i'm more of a flower person myself with the odd dabble in veg.

7 Dec, 2009


I might just have to go for it if it dries up at all, we live in Britain after all! It's been raining here for about a month.

7 Dec, 2009


welcome to goy. and yes it is raining as i type... again:o(

7 Dec, 2009


You can use garlic from a supermarket but they are grown in much warmer climates than ours; you would be better buying in bulbs from the garden centre or mail order. If the ground is still very wet you could start them off in pots then plant out later on...all they will be doing at first is growing a root system....

7 Dec, 2009


Yes, to grow garlic you can just split a bought bulb into cloves. However, you possibly need to be careful with supermarket bulbs because a lot of them irradiate just about all of the fresh food to preserve it. I don't know what effect this would have on the growing ability of the cloves. If you have a local farmers market a bulb from there would probably be a lot better..

7 Dec, 2009


Hi have grown garlic for a couple of years now and the best way i have found is mix in general garden fertiliser with pit sand or just normal sand you must mix in well where you are going to plant the garlic.
I plant them about 10cm apart & 2cm deep when it rains heavy i cover them to stop them getting to water loged and routin.
When the tops fall over lift the bulbs out lay in a ventilated area to dry for 1-2 weeks after that they must be in a cool dry place.
Hope this helps
vege (new zealand)

7 Dec, 2009


Hi me again i forgot to say i get my garlic bulbs from garden center or farmers market as some growers spray them with stuff that gives the garlic a longer shelf life, some times this stops the grouth or gives you small bunch of cloves/

7 Dec, 2009


Thanks guys,
the ground is currently water logged so is it ok to plant them now?

9 Dec, 2009


Its due to snow later this week... looks like i wont be planting garlic for a while!

15 Dec, 2009


Hello, I’m a balcony garden I have never grown garlic before, I’m going to try this year. I bought some at the garden centre; and have started them on my wind sill and some in an incubator. Is this the way to plant them?

12 Feb, 2013

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