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is echium vulgare as rampant as echium plantagineum? this is for northern california.

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Difficult to answer, really, because in Britain, both these plants are only annuals or biennials, not something that keeps going and spreads for miles. Hopefully someone else in a hotter region might see your question and be able to answer.

8 Dec, 2009


I'm pretty sure that echium vulgare is an annual by habit and unlikely to be perennial even in warm areas. It does self-seed very easily so that is likely to be the worst problem. But it's such a pretty plant, why would you care?

8 Dec, 2009


If it is anything like the echium fastuosum, the volunteers will keep you busy. My area is like San Francisco, and if I prune my echium f. when the flowering stops, it has lasted for five years. But the seeds sprout freely in the fall.

8 Dec, 2009

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