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By Bethxxx

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello There!

Hope everyone well. I'm new to all this... Please could someone give me some advice on my dwarf date palm (Phoenix roebelenii) It lives in the back garden in a raised bed. It has gone brown...... Has it died? Or do they go brown in the winter (That's what my hubby said) Thank you all x



Hi Beth welcome to Goy i'm sorry that I don't know but i'm sure that there is someone who can help here

8 Dec, 2009


they seam to have some brown leaves most of the time ,but they are afected by frost,and we had black frost in parts of cheshire last week, hope your husband is right.

8 Dec, 2009


This plant is frost sensitive, so is normally planted in a pot in Britain so that it can be moved to a cold greenhouse or similar, frost free place, for winter.

8 Dec, 2009


Thank you everyone for your advice x

9 Dec, 2009


I hope it hasn't died already - but if you put it somewhere sheltered now, it may well regrow because the roots aren't dead. Worth a try..

9 Dec, 2009

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