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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

I have about 80 iris 'purple gem' bulbs, could i plant them now in pots or should i keep them in a frost-free area until later?

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My, you have been lucky, Motinot, if you have been given all these bulbs!
Purple gem is a bulbous reticulata iris that flowers very early in the year so it needs planting 'yesterday'.
Anyway, I thought that everywhere in Down was frost free?

9 Dec, 2009


Definitely plant them! If you try to keep them, all that'll happen is that they'll try to start growing and dry out. Awwww....poor little things! Give them a chance either in pots or in the soil!

10 Dec, 2009


I have been lucky Bulba.....Given to me by a lady in my care....she wants to cut back on gardening as she is getting on in years and doesnt feel as able to garden as she did, so she kindly gave me all these bulbs....thanks for the advice...:>)

10 Dec, 2009


Poor little things indeed Spritz...I will plant them and hope for the best....I remember them growing in the garden of the lady who gave them to me and i thought they were lovely...great colour...Thanks Spritz...:>)

10 Dec, 2009


agree with the above. I have planted them as late as xmas as i got some as a pressie a few years ago. they were fine. I had them in a large pot but outside in all weathers.

10 Dec, 2009


Thanks Seabg....I planted them earlier this evening in a large pot, good drainage, various tulips that i hadnt got round to planting...I layered them and popped the little irises in last...I put them in a sheltered spot...Fingers crossed..:>)

10 Dec, 2009


Photos in the spring, please! :-))

10 Dec, 2009


No problem Spritz...(i hope)...:>)

11 Dec, 2009

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