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Orchids stand on upturned saucers with water below. This water contains little wriggling mosquito-type larvae but much smaller. They seem to be in the compost as no amount of changing the water seems to help. I haven't seen any flies.



I think your best bet is to change your method of keeping the humidity around your orchids - you could place them in a tray with damp grit or small decorative stones.

You don't say what type of orchids these are - if they are Phalaenopsis, I don't have a tray or water underneath, I 'mist' them occasionally with a fine spray and they thrive on that.

I hope this helps.

12 Dec, 2009


So you wouldnt change the compost Spritzhenry? Thanks to your advice I have stopped watering mine (lost a few buds) and just mist I think its better for that, but how often is occasionally?

12 Dec, 2009


I mist mine occasionally too....I only water when feeding.....Just do it when I remember Denise....which isn't all that often (blush!)....they will soon tell you when they want a drink......the blooms go all droopy.....I will say that I tend to hold off misting when the weather is really about you Spritz?

12 Dec, 2009


Yes, I'd agree with that!
I mist the roots, mostly - the ones that hang over the side of the pots. They get watered maybe once a fortnight at the most - and fed about monthly.

I suppose changing the compost would be an option if the first idea doesn't work - as long as its proper Orchid compost!

12 Dec, 2009


as mine is in the bathroom and the girls seem to be having steamy showers i have never got to mist it. will it need more do you think? It is growing new leaves and flowered for a full year before stopping making new buds. just waiting for it to start again.

12 Dec, 2009


No - I know that some people do have theirs in the bathroom. I can't, as the window is a velux and the poor plant would bake if/when the sun comes out!

12 Dec, 2009


our window faces east and is shaded by the garage too. I sometimes think it doesnt get enough light.

12 Dec, 2009

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