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my Fuchsias still have blooms. Do I prune hard in March and leave the plants as they are for now?



Hello. That is what I do. The results are good, so I guess its correct.

12 Dec, 2009


Thats the way to do it. I tend to wait until I see signs of new growth at the crown, then prune every time....

12 Dec, 2009


thats what I do too :)

12 Dec, 2009


And me

12 Dec, 2009


And me! :-)))

12 Dec, 2009


but i have some that are not hardy and they are in pots. I bring them into the greenhouse to protect them from hard frosts. the hardy ones in the ground get pruned back in march/april.

12 Dec, 2009


Hi there, i too have flowers on my Fuchsias. I took two photos of them this morning which are now on my list of photos. From what i gather, leave the old growth on until the new growth is strong enough. The old growth will protect the soft new growth until it has time to harden and it all depends on what area of the country you live in and when the fresh weather has visited your garden.

13 Dec, 2009

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