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By Lujean

WA, United States Us

I would like a really good mixture of bird seed you use to make a block for the animals anyone got a great one I would love to have it Thanks Living in WA near canada loveing it here.

On plant Bird seed mix to put out please give my a good one



Hi there Lujean. Pine nuts, Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are what i use and the birds love em. Dice some bacon fat very finely and fry this in about half a pound of lard for a few minutes. Add all the nuts above and stir until all the nuts are covered in the fat mixture. Remove from heat then straight away pour into two coconut shell half's. Allow to set in a cool place or fridge. Hang these up high so that cats cant ambush the birds. Then get your camera ready Lujean. Would love to see the photos on here.

13 Dec, 2009


Think i'll try that recipe myself, for breakfast Chuffa ;-))

Seriously, i hadn't thought of Pine nuts and Pumpkin seeds but i'll get some and add them to the seed feeders, thanks for the idea.
(Which birds do 'you' see in your garden ?)

Lujean, which birds do 'you' get in yours ?

13 Dec, 2009


yellow hammers, green finches, great tits, but believe it or not, i have seen this year, more wrens than the others.

13 Dec, 2009


I see Wrens here and recently there are Blackcaps, Song Thrush and Greenfinch.
Always a lot of Blackbirds here and there's a Robin too.

All of the above are in the Rowan tree opposite my front garden , there's an area of grass, large shrubs and small trees about 3' from my front path and they're all over there.
I have some binoculares that are quite good and can watch them all easily ..... had to let my neighbours know i wasn't watching them though !!!!!

In my own gardens (front and back) i get the Wren and Blackbirds in the back, but just the Blackbirds in the front.
When we had the cold spell last winter i had a group of Long Tailed Tits feeding out back but .... only the once :-(((
I'm desperately trying to get them to come into the gardens here !

13 Dec, 2009


Those little birdies are nice, but if Lujean lives in the Bellingham area of WA, one of the most thrilling sites I saw was on my bicycle and there was an eagle fishing in the calm waters of Puget Sound. They are big, fast and real good fishers.

13 Dec, 2009


I use crushed peanuts and currants in mine as well .I get gold finches , different tits and wrens plus blackbirds and robins along with the sparrows and starlings.

13 Dec, 2009


OK thanks to all I will try it, I live in Washington USA 100 south of Canada, I get blue jay, yellow finceh, robins, wook peckers, they will love this mixture thanks so much. have a great day and a very Merry Christmas to one and all.

13 Dec, 2009

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