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how to plant a fig tree



Ideally choose a south facing position, against a south facing wall being ideal. If you have a very rich and fertile soil, it would be a good idea to restrict the roots a little by surrounding the (large) planting hole with stones or pieces of paver.
We have never taken this advice as our soil is quite stony and heavy clay, and I think the roots are adequately restrained by the walls of the building.
Our figs have grown into fairly large shrubs but they fruit really well rather than make lots of leafy growth.
Keep the fig tree well pruned as it grows, to a simple structure and remove crossing branches and sprouts which come up from low down on the trunk. Figs are borne on the new growth, but the ones you want are the 'figlets' which are tiny which form in the autumn of the previous year. These need to stand over winter to swell and be harvested in July or August the next year. The second crop which forms in the same year is extremely unlikely to ripen before winter, so you have to remove those in the late autumn.

14 Dec, 2009

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